Some Like It Hot…Some Maybe Not

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Summer is a beautiful season to have a wedding in coastal southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. It is a great destination for your family and friends to enjoy your wedding or event. You can expect sunny skies, late afternoon pop up showers, high humidity and extremely warm temperatures.

There are many venues that offer outdoor events to include hotels on the beach, beach rental residential properties, barns, stables, beside lakes and rivers, under tents on private property. Since you are adding the element of the outdoors to your special day, you should consider a few things that could impact your day.  

Do you have a weather contingency if any part of your day or evening is outside? Do not just think rain. Your day can be impacted by high winds and severe heat. Consider pests such as mosquitoes, fleas and flies. If you cannot come inside and are using tents, talk to the rental company about sidewalls, fans, air conditioning and heating. Don’t forget the bug spray or bug wipes for your guests.

Are you planning your event in a park or public area? Remember that others will be sharing your airspace. Consider the noise factor.  At the ocean, there is the noise from the surf, noise from birds overhead, and (yes, do I have to say it) Jet Noise. This does not even account for the noise coming from rude folks in the vicinity. So plan accordingly, use a lapel microphone for vows so your guests can hear your officiant!

If you are having food outside, you must keep it chilled or heated at proper temperatures to keep the food safe. A professional catering service should help you with this issue.

Your wedding cake could melt outside. We have seen it happen and in fact the top tier almost slid off onto the stable floor! Plus you need to consider how you will protect it from flies and blowing dust from the wind. Speak to your baker to consider your options.

Heat can impact your guests, particularly your elderly guests like your grandparents. They may not be able to tolerate extreme heat, so try to keep them cool. Keep everyone hydrated! Bottled water should be everywhere on site and have it staged as soon as guests begin arriving.

Finally, think of how to dress. Keep it light and comfortable if you are outside. Sweating and humidity can wreck your hair and makeup. When you are hot, you cannot have the same joy as when you are cool. Make your day fun and stress free. Your photo ops will be better for the effort.


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