After the Food, Your Music Makes Your Wedding Day!

Music- Friend or Pro? When choosing your DJ or music vendor, consider your choice’s experience. A friend offers to provide your music and may have great intentions, but explore his/her equipment options and back up equipment options, his/her music library, and his/her experience. Will he/she get caught enjoying the party and forget why they are there? Will he make you and your guests his priority? Is he the best choice acting as your Master of Ceremony? Choose a DJ or music vendor with a track record and credentials that match you and your partner’s tastes and budget.

·        Complicating the Agenda. When considering your agenda and music, keep in mind how many activities you plan for your ceremony and reception. If you want a lot of special songs, special dances, and all the normal events such toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet and garter toss songs, consider how much time is left to actually “party” with dance music. If you want “special mix” songs, consider using the resources on the internet to make your song choices; it makes it easier for everyone and could be less expensive than creating custom song mixes. When the agenda has too many activities for the amount of time you have booked with your vendors, you may feel disappointed after your day is over. Be realistic and ask your vendor for their professional advice. After all, you are paying for their service.

·        Relinquishing Musical Control. When choosing your music with your DJ or music vendor, share your genre preferences, the “must have” song choices, and the “must not play” song choices. If you wish to allow your guests to ask for requests, be sure to give your DJ your guidelines regarding their requests. To ensure that you like the guests’ requests, ask for their songs requests and have them reply with these requests on your RSVP cards. You do want the guests to enjoy themselves and feel welcomed. Avoid giving the DJ, every single song to play for the evening. A professional will “read the crowd” and will keep the night fun and spontaneous based on the guidelines you set forth in advance. When couples control the music, it could “fall on deaf ears”.