Budget Weddings - Winter Weddings

Welcome to our first blog installment! We plan to share ideas and suggestions frequently throughout the year. Our goal is to help you make your event fun, cost effective, and stress free as possible by using our observations from previous clients' and our experiences. In our first installment, we will talk about the advantages of Winter Weddings. 

So you and your partner are planning a wedding. Price is not a problem! REALLY? You both start shopping prices and working on your vision vs budget. Then you realize that your vision and your budget are battling each other. What do you do? You need to plan a “budget wedding”.

The time of the year can impact your wedding budget. The winter wedding season goes from December through March, and they are the slower months of the year for events. There is historical data to prove this fact-look at Endless MIC’s calendar to prove it. Trust me when we say our DJs and musicians are starving during this time. We need to keep them fed!

Check out the handsome faces of our staff at www.endlessmicentertainment/meet-us.

If our wedding DJs and musicians are slow, the venues are slow, the caterers are slow, and the bakers are slow. The florists are slammed the week before and a few days after Valentine's Day in February but are basically slow, too.

Slow means the wedding vendors have flexibility in their pricing to You! Vendors need to keep their staff working. You need professionals for these events and it takes time to train the right people. Remember the cute faces of Endless MIC Entertainment’s DJs and musicians? You do not want to lose valuable staff. Our young people are extremely talented; every DJ is a musician as well. So, as a wedding vendor, you sacrifice on your pricing so the staff continues to work.                                                                
In the winter, you sacrifice being outdoors. You do not want your 80 year old grandmother shivering and catch pneumonia, do you? However, you gain in saving on your budget, and granny can easily participate in Your Special Day where it is warm inside. In winter in Virginia Beach, we have some mild days. You may still easily get some "photo opportunities" in the winter. Check our website for the wedding video at the Chrysler Museum. This wedding was in January, 2017!

Visit and choose “Chrysler Museum Wedding with Endless MIC Entertainment” video.

If you and your partner choose a winter wedding, can it still feel special? Absolutely! With Endless MIC Entertainment (and likely most wedding vendors), you can now afford upgrades that you would not have afforded in the spring, summer, or fall. Our upgrades include musicians playing live, up lights, gobo monogram spots, black lights, and DVD monitors.

There are two other reasons that winter weddings offer benefits. First, you will not be sweating in your wedding finery, spoiling your makeup and pretty clothes. Second, you don’t have to worry if there is rain on your wedding day…You are inside! If you want to take outdoor photos, have your photographer give you a clear umbrella. It makes for a great photo opportunity!

In the coming months, we will talk about the other seasons for events, the music that is trending, and the things that can go really "wrong" during your dream wedding.

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Romance in the Rain at the Planter's Club, Suffolk, VA

Romance in the Rain at the Planter's Club, Suffolk, VA